Sometimes in life, its good to mix things up. Especially when you feel in a lul.

Nitro needed a friend more now, than ever. He’s lonely, and it shows. Our hurt over Scouts accident is still raw + fresh- so much that we still cry over it. After discussion, Ry & I  decided we couldn’t handle getting another pup, because a dog like Scout just can’t ever be replaced…

Then my seamstress posted a litter of fresh kittens for sale.

On a quick whim Friday, we decided to add another little member to the DuBay family. She’s snow white & grey with beautiful blue eyes, and has an awesome tiger striped tail. Her 6 week young, Rag doll/Siamese heart + sweet personality created an instant bond with our family. Of course, the girls can’t stay away from her, and treat this new little kitten like another baby sister. It melts me.

She’s sparked a bit more love in our family in the smallest, yet most glorious way. Although, I think bringing a new babe into the home always seems to do that… and as I bonus, I didn’t have to labor for this one. 🙂

Friends, meet Nitro’s indoor friend: Sitka.






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