The Art of Letting Go.


As a Mum of three children under 6 years young, I’ve learned a few things about embracing this stage of my life. Here are my suggestions + tips for survival with wild ones.

1.Showering everyday isn’t necessary (and actually helps you hair grow longer).

2.Don’t even try to attempt errands during lunch time.

3. Getting children dressed is overrated… especially if you aren’t leaving the house that day. Oh and even if you do, they can still go naked unless going into the store. Or even more so – naked kids can go into the store when you disguise them in a wrap or sling…. (not speaking from experience or anything…) Less clothes = less laundry.

4. Changing diapers while your toddler is standing up becomes second nature. Who wants to wrestle a 35 pound tiger just to change a bum?!

5. The smell in my car? …Oh don’t worry about that… car seats are a complete pain to wash. And even when you do wash them – it somehow is always an inconvenience because its not dry/assembled/still smells. I’ve just accepted that distinct perma-sour milk smell until they’re old enough to stop wanting food every 5 mins in the car.

6. Squished blueberries, raisins, and cheerios. EVERYWHERE. Get a good cordless vacuum like this one… it’ll save your life + sanity.

7. Don’t expect to accomplish one task, without another one being created by little fingers at the same time.

8. The dirtier your children are, the more adorable they become. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

9. Beauty is found in those rare bathroom moments, when you can finally pee without having a child tugging at your leg, or trying to flush the toilet on you (this last point is especially scary in public places… )

10. Minimizing (everything) is your best friend.

11. Always plan to leave 15 minutes before you actually have to be out the door, and accept that even then you’ll still probably be late.

12. Harvesting potatoes for dinner, while your toddler is in the studio with your oldest isn’t smart… but your husband will call you brave later. I’ll take brave any day.

13. Photographers kids make messes, but make even bigger ones when you’re behind the lens capturing it for later.

14. Almost anything can be solved with a strong cup of tea… or vodka. or wine. or both.

15. Acrylic paint may come out of clothing if you wash it fast enough. Just checked on mine from this little bout… and it’s still in the machine (unwashed) for going on 2 days now… #winning.


However, these little souls are always worth it.

Worth the messes.

Worth the tears.

Worth the broken “things“.

Worth stinky cars.

Worth your tardiness.

Worth the laundry.

Worth the lost sanity… aka mom brain.

Worth an empty wallet.

Worth everyday headache of not getting enough personal space.

Worth the attitude battle.

Your children are worth everything you can do, give, and provide. Worth all of your love, patience, grace, and kindness.

But most of all…

Your babies deserve a Mama who is capable of letting go of society’s standards, and to-do lists when necessary. Who expresses herself in a respectful manner, and does her very best to be a role model. A Mum who is slow to judge, and soft to speak- offering grace in times of need. Who encourages, inspires, and accepts this current journey of Motherhood…  however that may unfold.

This is a current goal of mine, and I dare you to join make it one of yours too. I’ve been discovering (sometimes through tears) that the more you let go + embrace the chaos, the more beautiful your everyday will become.

SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Loosen your grasp of need for control.

Take it day by day, decision by decision… and slowly let go of perfection

…because who really loves a perfect person anyways.

If my children have taught me anything in 6 years, it’s that fighting the inevitable only leads to stress, and

Messy is not only better, but ALWAYS more fun!




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