Unplugged Birthday Celebrations.


It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to catch up on our family blog, but after an amazing weekend spent at a 1913 Homestead celebrating my 26th Birthday weekend – documenting is a must.

Instead of writing about how thoroughly we enjoyed being out of cell service for four days, or how the smell of bonfire + muddy clothes is still prevalent in my laundry room, I figured I’d share 25 different lessons during my last 25th year of life.

  1. Friends are the family you get to choose… but choose wisely.
  2. My husband is more stronger, and capable than I ever expected. Not that I underestimated his abilities, but damn this man has been ROCK SOLID even when I wasn’t – and expected him to stop loving me for it.
  3. Vodka is a great Band-Aid for temporary feelings, or 95% the cause for Nachos in bed at 11PM.
  4. Instagram is not life.
  5. Folk + Acoustic music has been my consistent go to genre.
  6. Be a good human, even when no one is watching because God always is.
  7. I gained 30 (unwanted) pounds, but don’t hate myself for eating two slices of pizza or having girl scout cookies.
  8. Capturing the everyday has become my greatest passion.
  9. Anxiety is a bitch.
  10. Eating Chik-Fil-A three times a week is totally okay, and the cost is always $11.59 for the girls and I.
  11. Leaving a schedule open for kindling friendships, does just that.
  12. I care about the Environment enough to recycle daily, and repurpose items – however, I can’t consistently keep up with attempting to be zero waste without going crazy.
  13. Speaking of crazy, I will never EVER go on birth control EVER again.
  14. Friendships are vital, but I despise small talk.
  15. Money is best spent providing for others.
  16. On days where you HAVE to work, your kids will be the WORST. Prepare accordingly.
  17. I’m tired of ‘selling things’ for a living.
  18. Prayer works. Every time.
  19. When purchasing anything for Bella, always get another for Isla. Or else the sister throw down, world war III of the year breaks out.
  20. Sick children are a part of life. All the hand sanitizer in the world will not always help.
  21. I despise feeding myself, and Ryan cooks 95% of our family meals.
  22. Growing plants is not my gift, killing plants on the other hand…. give me a cactus and it’ll be dead in days.
  23. Ryan and I are 95% sure we’re done growing our family.
  24. Listening to any of Shauna Niequist books on Audible makes me heart happy, and my mom guilt, not so harsh.
  25. Motherhood can be extremely lonely, getting out of the house is always worth the work.

Ryan and I were talking last night about how this season of life for marriage + our family has been one of survival. Keeping your head above water, and how FINALLY we feel like we aren’t totally drowning in everything.

Sickness, Finances, Shitty Relationships (both family + friends), Illness + Disorders, and Lack of control has made for a gnarly ride during our fourth year of marriage. However, riding out of the darkness our unity has increased tenfold, because we always INTENTIONALLY chose each other during conflict.

I’m forever grateful to this man of mine, for taking on more than his Fatherly roles when I was “sick”, and for loving me always. For embracing the chaos that The Enemy tried to throw at us, and for being my lifeboat. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him, and his fervent love for our family.

Here’s to a new dawn, the chance for steadiness, and more memories to come with the people who matter most. Here’s to learning all the lessons lurking in 26th year of age. xx – Chels

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