Our Home-In-Progress.

So remember at the very beginning when I said becoming a minimalist + intentional family is a journey?! Well, we are right in the midst of ours. Welcome.

I’m no expert, nor have we been practicing this lifestyle for more than a mere 9 months, but we’ve come a LONG ways. Our children have less toys, which equates to less mess for Mum later. I’ve found useless kitchen gadgets, multiples of just about EVERYTHING, and even hidden garbage (torn papers, wrappers, etc) throughout our home. If that isn’t a wake up call that we are over consuming – maybe our 1 entire trash bag full a day of garbage is (more on that later).

YIKES you guys.

In our circumstances for this year, I’ve found myself not only ridding our home of things that I truly didn’t like in the first place (even though some were gifts or hand me downs), but purchasing less. Making due with what we already have, even if they weren’t exactly my favorites. It’s all a process, like peeling layers of an onion.

The first thing to do is walk around your home with a bag for the thrift store- and give away anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Things that you don’t have to contemplate on too hard, like an extra photo frame, a random candle, or throw pillow. Keep going through this process until you’ve made it challenging to part with your items. Then take a week’s break – and just clean, coming back to it at a later date. DON’T EXPECT TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS IN A DAY… or you will end up with a massive headache, or drinking an entire bottle of wine.

Here are some photos of my house with comments underneath – please note that I didn’t take photos of the massive laundry pile in my laundry room, or all the clothing piled from our trip to Canada still on the stairs. Maybe because I share my heart a lot, and putting photos of our house online is already going on a limb for me, or maybe because I want to focus on my accomplishments and not my failures. But for whatever the reason – I am not perfect, I am constantly a work-in-progress, and I am a human just like you.

Here are the few things in my entry (besides coats + shoes). Backyard herbs drying on the quilt ladder Ryan built for me. Artifact Uprising monthly photo books (from my cell pics), and a sheepskin rug. Oh and those succulents, and grassy plant – they’re fake. I don’t have a green thumb.


Here’s the view walking in from the entry. My area rug is currently rolled up on the bench because the caramel colored thing with ears on the couch decided to destroy it while we were gone. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

On a positive note, the clock on the wall was a Handmade Christmas gift from Ryan – with my business logo in the center. It’s made of reclaimed oak, and has raised lettering and panels (which he had to strategically fit into each section, bless his soul). The dish on our coffee table was made by my uncle over 10 years ago and holds pinecones, bringing our love for the outdoors, in. I have 3 pillows in the entire living room, and two blankets. Diapers are hid in the wicker basket under the bench.


Here’s the other view of our living room. Ryan pretending I’m not taking awkward photos of him sitting on the couch, and our kid corner. In this space, Ry and I made a teepee from a pack of 8 foot 1x’s at lowes, and a painters drop canvas. I sewed a few pillows and theres a small box filled with baby toys + books for Lily.


Across from the couch is our kitchen. Ryan built all the cabinets & bar tops, I finished up the rockwork on the front. Yes, we’re missing a barstool (it’s broken and we haven’t fixed it yet) and my counters definitely need a wiping 🙂

Here’s a sneak inside our cupboards. The empty yogurt + formula containers serve for our compost food, that we later transfer to the garden. The basket has all of our charging cords, and bread is on the right. Normally we have more bowls in here on the second shelf – but they’re in the dishwasher.


By our stove we keep olive oil, salt, pepper, and all of our wooden saute spatulas + spoons.  I could simplify more here by putting the condiments in the spice cupboard, and utensils in the drawer, but they’re beautiful (useful too) and I love them displayed.

The fair-trade hand woven basket was a gift from a friend, I love it for fresh produce.


Our sink view. Once again I could simplify by putting the kitchen aid in a cabinet – but it’s clunky and we use it a lot – so it stays put.


Upstairs is our Master Bedroom – view looking in from the door. This armoire was custom built for Lily from Ryan. It’s my very favorite piece to date that he’s done – so it stays in our room. On top I have my only jewelry items I own.


Our bed + view from it. Our bed spread is from Anthropologie, and is my DREAM. It was expensive… and I had to save. But I really REALLY liked it, and so I made it happen. Ry loves it too, although it does get dirty with kiddos. The frame above our bed says “You are My Greatest Adventure” – which makes my heart melt even typing it out. HELLOOOO yes.

Also, notice the unfinished window trim + paint, I told you it was a work in progress 🙂  The rocking chair which we use with Lily, and our family TV.

The Master closet has come a LONG way. I’m still finding things that I truly don’t wear, or don’t need – and occasionally Ry will go through his items and rid the more worn items for thrift. Can I just say that this is what it looks like AFTER getting rid of over 5… FIVE garbage bags full of clothes, most from high school! Holy Moly Goodness Gracious. What was I thinking?!


On the other side of our Master Bedroom is the Bath. Simple. and I love it. Ry built the cabinets in here too ❤ Handmade with love.


Under our Bathroom Sink. Upstairs cleaning supplies (which I need to go through again after seeing this photo!) + toilet paper. We do have another cabinet in the bathroom that has all my lady items + facial products + bandaids, etc. That needs a good sweep again too.


Our shared drawer. Toothbrushes. Deoderant. Homemade Lotion. Moonrise Creek Makeup. Hairbrush. The essentials. and I love it like this.

This drawer is even empty… and honestly, I don’t want anything to go in it. Ever.


View from the tub in the bathroom. My kind of simple + clean. Layers upon textures. White upon dark. All the heart eyes.

The only thing in our hallway is this weaving. I purchased it from target over a year ago – and still love it.


Across the hall is the girls shared bedroom. I was going for whimsical + handmade here. There are so many personal details about their room, including quilt I handmade for Isabelle, watercolor earth from one of my favorite artists (Katie Daisy), and house pillow from Amanda Rydell.


Here’s the girl’s closet. Bella’s clothes are organized with small drawer rubbermaids + a few velvet hangers. This ends up being our baby storage area including the playpen and extra diapers. It’s not filled and I don’t want it to be.


Did I mention the girls were sleeping while I took these photos?! 🙂


The shared toys + bookshelf. Baby. Toddler. Young Girl. All on one unit.


Isla’s dresser in the corner with their small TV. Only gets turned on at nap or night time to help them go to sleep. More peace for mom + quiet alone time for them. It’s what has worked for us, so we go with it. Oh! and my favorite custom weaving I had made for their room, featuring a few toddler tugs on the pink yarn. Now it’s just extra custom right?! (that’s what I keep telling my broken, type A heart)…



A few photos of the girls bathroom. They have 3 toys that aren’t pictured, and that’s it. Simple, because they are in there to bathe – not be entertained right?! That’s what outside is for.

Now you’ve seen a basic snapshot of our home, minus a small office room (which literally only has an office desk + computer in it), laundry room, and soon-to-be game corner. Photos soon… but I can only get this much cleaned in a day…. while the kids nap.

As you can tell, the overall theme is modern rustic – with Scandinavian + vintage themes throughout. You guys, it took me FOR-EV-ER to get to this point. I wish I would have taken before photos, because I know these may still seem cluttered to some of you… but holy shiz we got rid of SO much this past 9 months. It helps when you plan on selling right?! (insert smirked smiley face here).

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment – or send me an email. Would love to answer more of your questions. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration or goal setting for your own home.

One last bit:

We are ALL on a journey, at MANY different stages – and I’m starting to learn the key to ALL of this is to have an end goal… but to ALSO be CONTENT with where you are in your chapter too. ❤ xoxo – Chelsi





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