Intentional + Minimal | a new series.


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests from friends about our family’s minimalism or slow living journey, and where to start. There’s a lot of my heart in this topic, so I’ll be starting a new series posting once a week, or every other week about a different “type” of minimalism, and how our family of five relates.

To begin our series I’m going to offer up some of my favorite minimal/slow living social accounts to follow, books, and beginning tips. As we continue, please remember that this process looks different for EVERYONE. Some might have a slow living mindset, but a house full of “clutter”. Or an environmental minimalist – who purchases ethically made clothing from small businesses, recycles, and tries to keep low impact footsteps on the Earth. Each journey contains chapters, so please encourage and inspire here, friends.


Here are a handful of my favorite overall minimalist blogs/social media accounts:

Becoming Minimalist | Facebook + Blog.

Hippie In Disguise | Facebook + Blog.

Global Guardian Project | Facebook + Website.

Cloistered Away | Facebook + Blog.

My Tiny Tribe | Instagram.

Veronika G Photography | Instagram.

Eco Minimalism | Instagram + Blog.

Dancey Pants Disco | Instagram + Blog.

Sugar House Workshop | Instagram + Blog.


While the above provided TONS of inspiration and starting grounds – I also read the following books:

The Life-Changing Magic of Cleaning Up | Marie Kondo

Clutterfree with Kids | Joshua S. Becker

Simplify | Bill Hybels

The Best Yes | Lysa TerKeurst

Love Does | Bob Goff


In the coming weeks I’ll be breaking down slow living + minimalism by each category our family has taken on. Once the post is made, I’ll tag back to this page so you can follow along.

My hope is you’d become even just slightly inspired to make an impact in your own journey – and the lives of others, with this series.

  • Minimalist in our Home.
  • Minimalism with Kiddos.
  • Slow Living + what it means to our family.
  • Eco Minimalism.
  • Consumerism with a minimalist mindset + our favorite ethical shops.
  • Running a business with ethical practices.
  • Every day decision making with a slow living mindset.
  • What this journey has meant to me.
  • Q & A.













  1. Love this. I think we’ve been on the minimalism journey about the same amount of time. I’m excited to read your posts. Have you heard of The Minimalists? They’ve written three books which I haven’t read but I’ve listened to all of their podcasts. They actually live in Missoula. We’ve just packed up for a move to Spokane and it was so much easier and quicker than the past moves because everything we own serves a purpose! I feel like there’s always more to go and it’s hard to monitor things making their way in the door but I love this lifestyle! Novel over! Hugs to you and yours 💜

  2. Just discovered your blog and I love it so much! I don’t know you personally but you seem to have such a happy, beautiful soul. Truly an inspiration. Love reading your posts! ❤️ Much love ❤️

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