Rainy Day Reflections.


Time has been a friend of ours this past month. While I feel a constant urge to race against it, because there’s so much to do and always not enough time, I’m reminded to embrace this season. Blessings have begun to make themselves more apparent, while burdens have equally bore down on our moral.



Business has been great, thankfully so. I couldn’t do this whole motherhood + business thing without my best friend continually by my side. Offering support, a hand, or advice when needed. This is what I’ve worked so hard for, what WE have worked so hard for, staying home to raise OUR family, together, while earning an income. And don’t get me wrong, it took a full six months to finally find a rhythm. Everyday it was a battle between who works, and who has the lucky privilege of child duty – but we now have a system that works, filled with love – support- and one that meets every single kiddo’s need.


The house.

Those two dreaded words have been a black cloud over our lives for the past four years. Everything we ever skipped out on, or said no to was because of “the house”. The answer to almost any questions was “we have to work on the house” or “we have to get the house done”. Honestly, it’s made me resent living here. There’s such a beauty found when creating something so large with your own two hands, yes. But there’s also that side where taking on such a large project, by yourself, eats up ALL your time, sanity, (and money) until it’s complete. Living with only 1 sink (located in the kitchen), and 1 fully-functioning bathroom with a family of five has been challenging some days. Although through the process I’ve learned to appreciate the little things… like a door on your child’s bedroom, or laundry cabinets, or a linen closet, or window trim.

We are SO close. A week of work and we’ll be done. You hear me?! DONE. A large party is to follow those four letters. To celebrate a chapter closed, and begin anew.


The kids.

Isabelle has been growing like a weed. No longer fitting into her clothes & still trying to squeeze her tootsies into old shoes. She’s found a new love for Daniel Tiger – singing every song, and I think it’s the most adorable thing ever. On a daily she’s dressing her sisters up in all the clothes, and continually shows her 6 going on 16 attitude. She recently learned how to ride a bike, and is still coloring like a starving artist.

Isla. Well… she’s the hurricane. Sharpie is her new thing (hint the photos below), and unfortunately the marker game is strong. She’s wearing her sisters last year clothes, which means she too is growing like a weed. No wait, a tank. She continually proves her love for dry bread, and baby food – while being witty enough to help dad in the shop.

Lily Jameson is officially 10 months old. She has eight teeth, and adores blueberries. She’s just as bright as the olders, and enjoys watching her sisters do all the things. The Solly Baby Wrap has still been a lifesaver… although getting three children under the ages of 6 out of the car makes grocery going a bit slower. I keep trying to remind myself of the beauty in each stage. She’s our last – and its painful on my Momma heart watching her advance.


Our plans.

The future holds a lot for our little family of five. We’ve purchased a wooded-property that we have big plans for. A clean slate, like this new chapter of our lives. But for now, we’re all dreaming of simplicity, the kind where you have nothing on a to-do list, and enjoying moments as they come. Spontaneous family adventures, meeting IG friends in real life, and fostering all sorts of intentionality.

This road may not be exactly what we expected, but it’s more than we could have ever hoped for, and someday we will look back and be thankful for the struggle. Thankful for the chaos – because that’s exactly what made us stronger. As individuals, and as a family. God has plans bigger than we could ever imagine, and surely if He showed them to us now, we would question them. He’s molding our character one trial at a time, slowly shaping us into the person we need to become to fulfill our overall destiny. Through it all we can be optimistic, because we aren’t in charge (even though most days it seems like it), and rest in His path. The one that brings tears to our eyes one day, and completely fills our love tank the rest… so here’s some photos from today – because Isla’s new thing is sharpie everywhere, and I blindly ignored her new found love, and enjoyed some delicious local cherry + lime jam making.

Cheers to the journey friends, because I know we aren’t the only ones.

xo – Chelsi


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