A Slow Saturday Spa.


Yesterday I planned a little treat for my two oldest babes. We purchased fresh flowers at our local super market, and I set out my beloved facial routine from The Good Stuff Botanicals for a Spa Date. Lately I’ve been finding ways to be spend more intentional time with my girls, giving them time to open their hearts & minds to an uninterrupted Mama.

Let’s face it… Running two and a half businesses, answering to friends, family and finishing build on a home doesn’t leave much time for quality, unplugged time with my kids. I adore them to pieces, and also feel its important to show them how Mama can pursue her dreams, while raising a family too. It takes hard work, and some days end in tears… but thankfully Grace upon Grace is given from their tender little hearts & we start afresh the next day.

I gathered them up for a “surprise” at the kitchen table, picked fresh strawberries from our garden for snacks, and set out supplies for a cup of tea. They waited patiently while I created just the right atmosphere with our Aria diffusing the Family Blend by Oola, and set out fresh flowers on the table for them to look at, feel, and admire. Beauty is so much more than products – and

I want them to embrace + appreciate all aspects of art.

First we shared a cup of tea… Isabelle wasn’t thrilled with Jasmine but Isla loved her Organic Bramblewine. Then we started facials using Montana Mud Scrub mixed with local honey + water to consistency. Letting them dip their fingers, mixing it themselves and giggling at the sticky “dirt”- you couldn’t help but smile while watching.

After we misted Earth Tone, and applied our family favorite Gypsy Cream. We chatted about how soft their skin feels, and how special spending time together was. About how all the ingredients in each of these products came from the Earth, and how

you could actually wash your face with dirt!

The girls polished off the last of the strawberries, and soaked their piggies in my personal stash of Sheba’s Secret dead sea herbal bath salts. They asked if the juniper berries were actually blueberries, and what the other “floaters” were. I gently explained about Jasmine & Hibiscus flowers, and how they not only smell pretty – but give your skin beneficial boosts too.

I’m pretty sure they’ll end up smearing themselves in dandelions & clovers over the next week… since they’re the only “flowers” growing in our yard right now.

Although this date was a bit messy, and little fingers were constantly testing, trying, grabbing, taking, spilling, etc… it was more than beautiful, and worth it for my mama heart. I can only pray more days spent learning like this together, uninterrupted, and


*Side note: Daddy and I started building this oversized table when we met five years ago, and could barely afford Alder. Together we finally gave it a finish last week & ate our first meal as a family of five around it’s massive sides… High-five for finishing long lost projects! hah. I adore it, and my husband



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