Natural Beauty & Raising Daughters.




As we prepare for this next season of life, I find myself deep in thought about desires in my heart. Desires to be financially free, and generous. Pursing only memories that will remain in the hearts of our children, not things. To be creative with the eye & talent God has granted me, using it to benefit the lives of others, and see more beauty. Spending each day living intentionally, aware of the present moments – choosing to be grateful, happy, and thankful. Lastly, to live with less and be responsible consumers, purchasing natural alternatives to modern items.

This last mentioned desire has been a bit challenging, especially when raising daughters. As you’re aware, we live in a society where make-up is a must, and physical alterations are all the rage. Whether its acrylic nails, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, or the latest item of clothing. Did you know 90% of gals age 15 to 17 years old want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with body weight ranking the highest? Or that nearly a quarter of girls age 15-17 would consider undergoing plastic surgery (sources)?!

Now please don’t get me wrong if you choose to indulge in modern-day beauty treatments. I would be the first to tell you how I secretly wish God had given me longer eyelashes, and perky breasts after babies. If only… right?! I’ll admit to having acrylic nails for a handful of months at a time, and getting my hair high-lighted twice a year. I view these items as a “treat” and an expensive, yet special way to boost my self confidence.

But honestly, raw beauty is hard to come by…

especially to see it in yourself.

I want my daughters growing up to be beautiful, yet naturally vibrant gals. I want their self-confidence to be through the roof, and humble when necessary. I want them to not feel the pressure to change who they are, or wish they had blank, blank or blank.

So how do you nurture their raw beauty when everything they’re exposed to isn’t truly real?

You, as their mama, serve as their role model.

Setting the example for self-confidence, and being conscious about enhancing their natural beauty… not covering it up.



This simple fact leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable… like when I was in high-school and trying to “impress” others. As a mother of three little girls, I need to let that go.

Am I saying it’s not okay to wear make-up, or extensions? absolutely not. But I want my daughters growing up with a mama who spends more time with them, then on my appearance. I want them to hear me laugh at photographs, not complain about how my double chin is totally showing, or how that hole in my forehead from 6th grade chicken pox looks like a bullet wound and needs edited out.

Now… here’s me being raw and real.

I still care what others think.

I still don’t like certain views or angles of my body. I complain about how I need to work out more, and about how tight my pants are getting. Dare I say I’m fat from eating too much sugar – and from stress. Am I 100% confident with myself…. no. But I am constantly a work in progress, and this is one area of my life where moving forward… I want to shed some light on.

Especially for my daughters.



In getting back to being a responsible consumer, I found (and will share) some beauty products that I adore… which are 100% natural, and legitimately okay for your skin to absorb. I would much rather my girls use an organic alternative than end up with the dreaded “C” word, or a suppressed immune system.

My very favorite skin care products come from The Good Stuff Botanicals. They’re based right here in Montana, and honestly have the best (and most variety) of products. The item we use most is their Gypsy Cream, which also happens to be used at Kalispell Regional Healthcare’s NICU on babies who were premature. I also adore their Full Facial Routine which helps keep the dirt away & a radiant skin tone. Another favorite for a spa day with the girls is their Steam Bags, which are heated up, and used as a way of cleansing the skin (or clearing out nasal passages when ill). Use code “IG15” to save 15% off your entire purchase.


I also use Schmidts Bergamot & Lime deodorant + The Goat Lady soaps for daily hygiene.


As for make-up, a new favorite, and only products I’ll be using from here on out are from Moonrise Creek. Lauren does a truly amazing job of combining the right minerals to create beautiful tones of cosmetics for anyone. I use their Under Eye Elixir, Bontanical Cream Concealer (fair), Mineral Foundation Powder (medium), Apricot Sunshine natural blush, and lastly their “glow” shade of mineral eye shadow. Will be purchasing mascara, and lip tint with the next bit of cash I set aside for myself :).

Use code “ALPINEMOON20” to save 20% off your entire purchase at Moonrise Creek.


The above are applied with Eco-Tools Starter Set, which I found at our local natural grocers.

Our healthcare routine is similar, using oils from Red Creek Essentials aka, the amazing Young Living EO’s… and sticking to Neti-pots & Elderberries.

I still have a long ways to go when it comes to truly showing my little ladies what it means to love yourself… but being intentional about application of products, and okay with wrinkles, dark spots, and crooked smiles is a start.



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