A Few Thoughts on Slowing Down.


As many of you know, my little family of five has been incredibly… busy lately. BUSY. I’m honestly starting to despise that word. The excuse and answer for literally e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. these days. Whether its a friend asking how are you, or wanting to make plans – wait friends? Who has time to actually nurture relationships with others when you’re burning that midnight oil at home?! Anxiety hits as soon as your head hits the pillow, and you wake just do to it all over again. Sigh…

Although, as of late –  I’m starting to learn that…

life is only truly lived in the sporadic moments.

The breaths in between items on your to-do lists. Or the quick “YES” to a last minute adventure.

This weekend I’m thankful for the slow moments. The naps, cuddle time on the couch with my babies, and Ryan asking me at 5:00PM if I want to pack up the kids & go to a secluded cabin with no electricity, or running water. The “BUSY” me would have said hell no… we have too much to do at home and I’m tired. But the “Me I WANT To Be” said YES. Let’s do it! We met up with some good friends, who gave us the invite & that one “YES” was just want my soul needed.

Dirt road driving. Car full of ones you love most, with no electronics (or cell service) in sight. BBQ community style dinner. Wood stove heat. An upstairs full of twin beds for the kids to giggle on all night long. And good, good friends around a raging bonfire. Enjoying all the fresh Montana air our lungs could possibly handle, and laughing until our bellies hurt.

And to think none of these following moments would have happened, if I wouldn’t have slowed down to breathe, and enjoy life again.

This cabin was the most beautiful dwelling I’ve ever stayed in. Minimal design with historic remnants. If staying in this place didn’t make me want to simplify my life, I don’t know what would. Hello gorgeous natural wood floor, large windows, and just a few decorations here & there. I’m still in awe… on a complete high from this cabin. Creek out back. Wild Strawberries + Raspberries. Flowers. Moss & all sorts of other amazing greenery.

This weekend created such a special memory that will be forever etched in my mind + a chance to experience true minimal living… and I’m in love. I keep telling Ry we are going to rent out that cabin every year, and start a new family tradition. The experience, although less than 24 hours, spoke straight to my heart.

Slow down. Rest. Simplify.

These will be my goals as we prepare for the turning of our new leaf.

CDP_3507 CDP_3504 CDP_3510 CDP_3541 CDP_3537 CDP_3515 CDP_3521 CDP_3519 CDP_3535 CDP_3529 CDP_3513 CDP_3533 CDP_3527 CDP_3546 CDP_3552 CDP_3559 CDP_3560 CDP_3561 CDP_3579 CDP_3584 CDP_3600 CDP_3591 CDP_3607 CDP_3603 CDP_3614 CDP_3620 CDP_3626 CDP_3628 CDP_3644 CDP_3648 CDP_3655 CDP_3661 CDP_3677 CDP_3683 CDP_3707 CDP_3701 CDP_3699 CDP_3714 CDP_3736 CDP_3742 CDP_3747 CDP_3756 CDP_3753 CDP_3759





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